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“Connection is why we’re here, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.” – Brené Brown

Consulting Services


Kolbe Consultation

The Kolbe System does not measure your personality type or how smart you are. Kolbe Indexes are based on conation — the part of the mind that governs how you actually get things done when striving. Think of it as your instinctive strengths. Simply put, conation drives action. Actions drive performance. To understand how you and others achieve peak performance, you need to understand the conative part of the mind. With your Kolbe profile, Jennifer can help you understand yourself and others on your team; maximize your productivity; improve your time management; and reduce stress.

Jennifer offers individual 1:1 debriefs and team workshops, both virtually and in person.

Custom Services

Jennifer offers several customizable services such as strategic planning workshops, team building retreats, keynote speeches, customized training and meeting facilitation. From individual team meetings to multi-day events, one-on-one training to large group workshops, Jennifer will gladly work with you to enhance your team’s effectiveness and help you realize your goals.

Coaching Services


Experience Coaching: Single Session

You may be new to coaching, and don’t want to commit to a series of sessions. Or you may know the benefits of coaching, and you have a small topic to tackle in one or two conversations. For example, you’d like a different perspective on dealing with a co-worker, or you want to kickstart an exercise routine, or you want to explore your reasons for procrastinating on a specific project. I’ll be your thought partner as you tap into a deeper understanding of yourself and your system.

Endeavor Coaching: Six-Month Package

We all could use a lift to reach our personal and professional goals. You may be feeling “stuck”, wanting to pursue a life-long dream, longing to become your best self, wanting to pursue career advancement, transitioning into a new stage of life, looking to grow professionally, or wanting to feel more confident. Whatever you need help with, coaching can work for you. Over these six sessions, we’ll explore a bigger topic that may involve several steps, multiple facets, or a longer time frame.

Team Coaching

Teams are ever-changing and evolving, and may have many reasons for benefitting from coaching. Your team may have a challenging set of deliverables and goals that will stretch the team’s capacity. They may wish to strengthen communication, collaboration, or develop a set of shared values. Teams may be in the ‘forming’ stage and need to better understand their strengths and those of their colleagues. Mature teams may want to improve meeting structure or efficiency, enhance decision-making, or optimize their work in a virtual setting.

Jennifer brings her extensive leadership experience and family business expertise to her team coaching engagements. After an initial call with your team lead to review current scenario, desired outcomes, and logistics, Jennifer will provide a proposal and agreement for the team to consider. In some cases, Jennifer will partner with other certified coaches to deliver a team-based approach to the coaching engagement. Longer-term contracts are also available.